Online KenoKeno is a lot of fun to play. With Keno anybody has the chance of winning big. It is important in Keno to decide which numbers you are going to choose. Keno is very similar to Lotto games, players have to select matching numbers in hopes that those numbers are going to be chosen.

Keno Strategy

It is important to decide which numbers you are going to pick and how many you are going to pick. The more numbers you select the greater your chances of winning. Payout's are based on the percentage of matching numbers. For Example: if you pick 10 numbers and only match 3 of them it is a 30% payout, but if you bet on only two numbers and they both match it's a 100% payout.

How To Play Keno

The first step in Keno is to select your lucky numbers from the 80 numbers on the Keno board. With online Keno you have flexibility in deciding how many numbers you want to choose. The minimum number you can bet on is 1 and the maximum number is 15. To mark a number block just mouse over it and select that number. The block will change colour when selected.

The aim of the game is to try and predict which numbers will be drawn by selecting 1 to 15 numbered blocks (spots) on the Keno Board. Once you are satisfied with the spots you have chosen then place your bets. The 20 winning numbers will be shot out by the keno generator. If you have bet on any of the winning numbers you will be paid accordingly. The more numbers you match correctly the more you win.