Online Bingo

Online BingoBingo is a game of luck which has a number of play variations. Numbers are randomly selected and called out while players match those numbers to their BINGO cards. The first player to form a specific pattern calls out "BINGO" and wins!

Bingo Rules

Bingo rules and payout's vary from place to place. There are also different play variations which may be different from place to place.

Players buy cards with a 5 x 5 number grid on it that corresponds with the five letters in the word B-I-N-G-O. Numbers such as B-3 or O-68 are drawn at random. In American Bingo the numbers are drawn out of a possible 75 and 90 in British Bingo. A player wins the prize when they complete a Bingo pattern for example: a line with five numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row on one of their cards.

A Bingo card has 24 numbered spaces and one blank space (free space). The numbers are random on each Bingo card and are arranged in 5 columns with 5 numbers in each column and 5 rows with 5 numbers.(5 x 5 grid – 25 in total including one blank.)

The numbers in each column go as follows:

  • In the B column the numbers are between 1 and 15.
  • In the I column the numbers are between 16 and 30.
  • In the N column the numbers are between 31 and 45. ( This row has 4 numbers and 1 blank space.)
  • In the G column the numbers are between 46 and 60.
  • In the O column the numbers are between 61and 75.

Players can choose from thousands of different Bingo cards. Online Bingo cards are randomly selected for you. Most online Bingo games give you 3 or 4 cards and others games may allow you to take more.

How To Play Bingo

With every online Bingo game there is either a caller or there is a Bingo board which displays the bingo numbers. The game pattern will also be displayed. Some online Bingo games do most of the work for you including marking off the numbers on your card when they are drawn.

The winning pattern to be formed is shown before you start playing the game. For example:

  • Black Out Bingo

    Black Out Bingo

    This is the most common form of Bingo. In order to win all the numbers need to be marked.

  • Lines Bingo

    Line Out Bingo - Example 1 Line Out Bingo - Example 2 Line Out Bingo - Example 3 Line Out Bingo - Example 4 Line Out Bingo - Example 5 Line Out Bingo - Example 6 Line Out Bingo - Example 7 Line Out Bingo - Example 8 Line Out Bingo - Example 9 Line Out Bingo - Example 10 Line Out Bingo - Example 11 Line Out Bingo - Example 12

    In order to get BINGO you must make a horizontal, diagonal OR vertical line.

  • T's Bingo

    T's Bingo - Upright T's Bingo - Rotated T's Bingo - Upside Down T's Bingo - Rotated

    In order to win Bingo you need to fill the card with a T, it can be up right, side ways or upside down. For example: The top row must be filled as well as the center column.

  • U's Bingo

    U's Bingo - Example 1 U's Bingo - Rotated U's Bingo - Upside Down U's Bingo - Rotated

    Fill the card in the shape of a right-side up, upside down or sideways U. For example: fill the left and right most columns and the top row.

  • Square Bingo

    Square Bingo

    You must form the shape of a square (top, left, right and bottom).

As the game begins, some numbers are randomly selected and announced. Either you mark those numbers on your card or it will automatically be done for you in online Bingo.

Whichever pattern of Bingo being played, you will win the game if you get that pattern first then you have won BINGO but if there is more then one winner the prize money is split.

You must always pay attention to the numbers that are drawn and mark them off quickly and accurately.