Casino War

Casino WarCasino War is a very simple game that anybody can play. Which ever person, the dealer or the player, that has the highest card will be the winner. If the dealers card and the players card tie the player either surrenders or he goes to war (raises his bet).

Basics of Casino War

Casino War is played with 6 decks of cards. The cards in Casino War are ranked the same as in Poker but in this game aces are always high followed by K, Q, J and 10 all the way down to 2. Suits do not matter.

How To Play Casino War

All players place their bets and each player receives one card including the dealer. The players card will be compared to the dealers. If the player has the highest card he wins, it is as easy as that. If the dealer has the highest card he wins and the player loses.

If by any chance there is a tie the player has two choices:

  1. He can either surrender and lose half his bet or
  2. He can go to war (raise the bet).

Going to War

If the player decides to go to war, he must raise his bet to equal the value of his original bet. Three cards are discarded (burned) and the dealer and player receive an additional card.

If the players second card is higher than the dealers second card the player wins even money on the raise, and the original bet is a push (there is no gain or loss). If the dealers second card is higher the players second card, the player will lose both bets.